The best of both worlds

Spark gathers all the benefits of both intraoral technologies and eliminates their weaknesses. Save your patient comfort with multi-sized flexible and reliable imaging plates and get rid of cables ! Stop loosing time and do not compromise with picture quality.

We changed the rules

Be selfish

Stop sharing your imaging plate scanner and keep it at your side for immediate use and benefits.

Small is beautiful.

Spark is 5x smaller than the smallest imaging plate scanner on the market. And being as small as the Spark is not only a technical achievement, it changes your way of working. It has been designed to fit by your side, so you can keep it close.

3 s

You choose Spark for a reason.

Spark can read an imaging plate in 3 seconds. Spark is by far the fastest scanner available. This way, you can enjoy the speed of a sensor while using the comfort of imaging plates.

It has never been so simple to use a scanner.

Spark is 100% buttons free, 100% trouble free. Finally a scanner you install yourself, in less than five minutes. Just plug and scan. And you can use on any platforms, Mac or Windows, and with your own Personal Medical Service.

 You will love it.

Low dose

Spark is the first intraoral scanner using needles imaging plates. These imaging plates are two times more sensitive than the regular ones and thus, Spark requires twice less X Ray dose. Using Spark is safer for your patients and for you.

A breakthrough technology.

At the heart of Spark, our Stream Line Scanning patent. Based on three years of R&D, this disruptive innovation allows us to get rid of all limitations of previous technologies. We can now outperform common performances.