Multiple rewards for Innixim

20 July 2017


Réseau Entreprendre


In May 2017, Innixim has been awarded by Réseau Entreprendre in the category “Innovation” to join the network. This recognition will help Innixim to build a strong network with experienced CEOs and favorize its growth until it will be Innixim’s turn to support new and innovative companies.

Réseau Entreprendre is a global network strong of 5,600 CEOs and employing 170 people and has more than one hundred subsidies in France and abroad. Each year, a jury selects the most promising companies to join the network and accompany them during three years. By now, they have supported the growth of 2.300 companies which have created 50.000 jobs in the past five years. Just in 2015 they have lent 21.5M€.

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And in July 2017, CECAP 94 has rewarded Innixim for its innovative product line. It was the second award in a row for Innixim this quarter.

The Club 94 and the Val-de-Marne commerce and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( CCI Val-de-Marne)  has awarded for the third year, local enterprises for their commitment in social responsibility and innovation. And in the last category this year, only four companies has been selected by a jury to be awarded among which Innixim. Our investment in innovation has been acknowledged again by a selective organization after Réseau Entreprendre.

CECAP is a ten-year-old business association representing all the companies of the local area. With this award ceremony, the association works to relate the companies to each other and create synergies in the region.

More information on  CECAP 94.

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