Having a greater impact on the market!

31 August 2017

by Dental Tribune International


French companies Borea and Innixim are some of the newest corporate faces here at the FDI trade exhibition. The collaboration between them arose from the long-standing friendship between Gilles Pierson (CEO of Borea) and Pierre Montillot (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Innixim). Dental Tribune spoke with them about their main products and how they can benefit dental practices.

Dental Tribune Online: What is the main incentive for your joint participation at the FDI congress?

Gilles Pierson: As two young French companies having freshly entered the dental market, we decided to join forces in some areas, such as participation in trade fairs and communication, by shared advertisements and promotion of our innovative products.

Pierre Montillot: Both companies are now at the same stage in launching our flagship products to worldwide markets. It is also a perfect opportunity for both teams to exchange knowledge, experience and networks. The main objective is to have a greater impact on the market and boost visibility for these two state-of-the-art devices. […]

Innixim is showcasing a new imaging plate scanner here. What can clinicians expect from this device?

Montillot: We believe that there should not have to be compromises in terms of patient comfort or efficiency regarding intra-oral imaging in the future. We therefore launched Spark, a unique personal intra-oral scanner. Like a sensor, this device captures the image instantly, but by using different-sized flexible imaging plates, it offers the most comfortable solution for the patient. This means no more large, rigid or bulky devices inside mouth and, of course, no more cables or wires.

We have combined the benefits of both intra-oral technologies, but eliminated their weaknesses. To achieve this performance, Spark uses the patented Line Stream Scanning technology, which avoids all of the problems experienced with common scanners. With dimensions of only 12 × 18 × 6 cm, it is very small, allowing the dentist to keep it at the workstation and removing the need to share scanners. By far the fastest unit on the market, it scans an imaging plate in only 3 seconds. Furthermore, Spark requires dose exposures as low as 80 ms when using our special high-definition imaging plates, but still achieves outstanding image quality, providing a 35 LP/mm resolution.

With Spark, dentists will receive the performance and effectiveness of a sensor and patients will appreciate the enhanced comfort of flexible imaging plates.

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